Ligeti lángos

Ligeti Lángos in the Pavilon Garden

Ligeti lángos

Find out everything about our traditional potato LÁNGOS and the special story of our historic building!
You will need this word in Hungary: LÁNGOS, pronaunced, LAHN-GAUCHE

Story of our famous langos dough

What makes our Langos dough so special? What makes Ligeti Lángos unique?

The rich taste of our traditional dough is achieved by adding fresh milk and potato flakes to give it its perfect softness. It's important to us to achive the highest quality that we only use Hungarian cooking oil to fry our Langos to golden brown.All of our topping ingredients are also high quality products. That's how our langos loaded with Parma ham and gorgonzola, or 4 kinds of meat became favourites.
These are the reasons why we proudly call them, premium Lángos!

What else makes Ligeti Lángos special?
Beyond what you know about the dough, the location where we are located is no less interesting. You can find out more about our listed building, nestled between the Széchenyi Baths, Heroes' Square, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Zoo, here :

Ligeti Lángos - lángostészta
Ligeti Lángos - lángostészta
Ligeti Lángos - lángostészta
Ligeti Lángos

Our langos doughs

Sajt, tejföl, fokhagyma
Tejfölös juhtúró, paradicsom, rukkola, kukorica, hagyma
Tejfölös juhtúró, sült szalonna,lila hagyma
sonkassajtos-langos.pngA4Sonkás & sajtos
Tejföl, sonka, sajt
parmairukkola-langos.pngP1Pármai és rukkola
Parmezán, Mozzarella, pármai sonka,rukkola, oliva bogyó
Kolbász, érlelt füstölt sonka,főtt sonka, bacon, sajt, tejföl
Ligeti Lángos


Hot Dog
B2Cheddar Sajtos
1490B2Cheddar Cheese
Pirított hagyma, savanyú uborka
Fried onions, pickles
PalacsintaLigeti lángosPancakes
2 db1380D1Cocoa
2 pcs
2 db1780D1Nutella
2 pcs
2 db1590D1Cottage-Cheese
2 pcs
2 db1380D1Apricot Jam
2 pcs
D1Barackos túrós
2 db1580D1Peach+Cottage-Cheese
2 pcs
2 db1380D1Cinnamon
2 pcs
Ligeti Lángos


SörLigeti lángosBeer
 3 dl 5 dl
Dreher  9501250
Floris KriekMeggy / Sour cherry12501700
Dreher 24Doboz / Can5 dl   1500
Házi szörpLigeti lángosHomemade Syrup
 3 dl 5 dl
Málna, Josta, Fekete Szeder, Eper-Menta, Meggy, Bodza, Piros ribiszke, Szamóca, Fekete Ribizli, Gyömbéres Ribizli / Raspberry, Jostaberry, Blackberry, Strawberry-Mint, Sour-cherry, Elderflower, Redcurrant, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Ginger Redcurrant  8501250
100% gyümölcslevekLigeti lángos100% fruit juice
 3 dl 5 dl
Alma, Alma -Körte, Alma-Kajszi, Erdei Gyümölcs / Apple , Apple-Pear, Apple-Apricot, Forest Fruit  8501250
ÜdítőkLigeti lángosSoft drinks
Lipton Teabarack, zöld / peach, green0,33 dl   850
Schweppes Tonic  0,33 dl   850
Szénsavmentes Ásványvíz / Non-carbonated Mineral Water  0,5 dl   750
Energiaital / Energy drink   dl   950
Gépi üdítőkLigeti lángosMachine soft drinks
 3 dl 5 dl
Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Canada Dry, Schweppes Narancs, 7up / Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Canada Dry, Schweppes Orange, 7up  7501150
BorokLigeti lángosWines
Száraz vörös, száraz fehér, száraz rosé / Dry-red, dry-white, dry-rosé  
RövidekLigeti lángosShots
PálinkaLigeti lángosBrandy4cl
Cserszegi fűszeres pálinkaUnicum15001800
Meggy / Sour CherryJägermeister18001500
Alma / AppleFinlandia Vodka18001500
Szilva / PlumCaptain Morgan Spicy Rum18001500
Kávé-TeaLigeti lángosCoffe-Tea
Espresso + Tej / Espresso + MilkTejes Kávé / Latte600950
All prices are stated in HUF and inculding VAT!
Ligeti Lángos

History of our building

Do you know the history of our building? Read it below:

Ligeti Lángos Budapest, Városliget

On the tracks of the old City Park Tram, wich no longer operates, there are two surviving buildings in City Park: an old overpass called the Wünsch-Bridge and the so called Beszkárt Building.

On 27th of December 1922 the Budapest Transport Company was founded. (BSZKRT, that the public simly referred to as Beszkárt.) For the following ten years the company bought up all of the city’s transport companies and succesfully operated the city transportation during the two World Wars.

Ligeti Lángos Budapest, VárosligetEarlier the city Zoo terminal was a simple underground station. The „loop” was built in 1911, around which time the Beszkárt Building may have been built.
The underground’s surface terminal was a few paces from here. The two lines stopped next to each other in front of Széchenyi Baths. It is certain that the Beszkárt Building was already in use in the 1920’s as rest stop for tram drivers and conductors.
Reconstruction of City Park in the 70’s also meant the end of the old city Tram. The surface line starting near the Museum of Fine Arts was replaced by an extended underground line that reached all the way to Mexikói Road. Later, electric Trolleys were introduced on Hermina Street. The rails have completely dissapeared since then, but the Beszkárt Building was preserved and today funcioned as a restaurant.
In 2016 the Liget Budapest Project renovated the park, removed several wooden kiosks and rebuilt new ones based ont he 1860 bluprints of renowed Hungarian architect Frigyes Feszl. Ligeti Lángos opened its doors to the public in 2017, where quality traditional potato langos, home-made syrups and other tasty curiosities are served.

Ligeti Lángos


Ligeti Lángos Budapest, Városliget
Ligeti Lángos Budapest, Városliget
Ligeti Lángos Budapest, Városliget
Ligeti Lángos Budapest, Városliget
Ligeti Lángos

They say about us

"Itt az egyik legjobb budapesti lángos! ...és hozza a cucc a legjobb lángoshagyományokat: kívül enyhén roppan, belül vaskos és puha."
Magyarósi Csaba
Egy nap a városban Blog


„Finom lángos, kedves kiszolgálás...”
Mihály Hauser via Google review

„Többször lángosoztunk itt, mindig nagyon finom. Kedvesek a konyhások.”
Webhaz Iroda via Google review

„Super tasty! These things fill you up and taste so delicious that it is a mystery to me why they are not available in Germany...”
Digga L. via Google review

„Isteni volt 😉”
Balázs Dékány via Google review

„Változatos lángosok, olyan, amilyet máshol nem is lehet látni!”
GáboR Kovács via Google review

„... the best Lanos I've had in Budapest. Traditional version. Cream garlic cheese. Cheaper than in the market hall and much better!”
Lukasz Golebiewsky via Google review

„Pleasant surprise to find them so close to the thermal baths, since I left very hungry. The Langos are very tasty, it is a kind of fried dough and on top it has the ingredients that you choose. The portion is large, the wrecks accessible, when I went there was a queue to order but it took a few minutes to be served. What a dish to try!”
Alejandra Acona via Google review

„Very delicious and affordable!”
Helena Manke via Google review
Ligeti Lángos


Ligeti lángos
1146 Budapest,
Állatkerti krt. 3.
Opening hours:
Mon-Sun: 11.00-19.00
+ 36 30 318 261

Ligeti Lángos